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Little Sunny Gill, coming from a family of pickle manufacturers, is a misfit as he cannot smell, but when a laboratory accident enhances his olfactory abilities, he transforms into one-of-a-kind superhero.

Director Amole Gupte
Writer Amole Gupte
Stars Parshva Dhariwal, Khushmeet Gill, Putul Guha
Release date 25 August 2017
GenreAdventure, Comedy, Family

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An eight-year-old Sunny Gill has continuously had a blocked nose, and so, no sense of smell. A freak accident provides Sunny with the foremost refined sense of smell ever. the whole dog squad of the country’s force will not sniff what he can. however is that enough for Sunny and his young buddies Google and Twitter to combat a baleful gang of automotive thieves? What starts out with tracing one missing automotive within the housing society, finally ends up busting the heftiest automotive racket within the country. No villain might ever be as unlikely. But then, neither might the gang of detectives.

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